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Drain the machine

Drain the machine by spraying out any remaining solution over a
drain or outdoors (never in rain or on wet ground). Do not allow the machine to stand in liquid while emptying. For best results, spray out liquid with machine set to “Tool” to prevent brushes from movement and wear while emptying. Using this method you can spray out any  remaining liquid either through Hand Tool or machine spray tips.

Clean the vibrating brush

Clean the vibrating brush by pulling down on the plastic brush body.
After each use, unplug the machine from the mains and use your finger or an old comb to remove any debris from the vibrating brush. If you used any Rug Doctor Pro attachments remove debris from the attachment brush.

Clean the vacuum filter

Clean the vacuum filter. After each use, inspect the cylindrical filter
screen located inside of the clear plastic dome on the front of
the machine. If debris is present, remove the filter screen by pushing it right and compressing the spring until the filter end is clear of the dome. Clean by running water through the screen from the inside to the outside. Replace by compressing the spring wire and inserting the black end securely into place in the hole inside the dome.

Clean the solution tank filter screen

Clean the solution tank filter screen. After each use, inspect the
rectangular filter screen located in the fill opening of the solution (lower) tank. If debris is present, remove screws that hold the filter in place and remove filter from the solution tank opening.

Clean filter by holding it under a water faucet and letting the water run through the filter in the opposite direction from the normal filling flow.
Replace the filter screen and fasten it in place with the two mounting screws.

Remove the carpet fibres from the vacuum slot

Periodically check the vacuum slot on the bottom front of the
machine for debris. Remove any fibre, hair or other debris that may be caught in the slot. Always make sure the machine is in the “0” position (for off), unplugged and the tanks are empty. If you used any Rug Doctor Pro attachments also remove debris from the attachment
vacuum slot.

Clean the solution tank line strainer

Clean the solution tank line strainer. When the solution tank filter screen is removed for cleaning, inspect the cylindrical filter mounted on the end of the solution line inside of the lower tank. If debris is present, remove the filter by pulling it off the solution line. Hold the filter under flowing water until debris is cleared. Replace the filter by pushing it over the end of the solution hose.

Caring for your Rug Doctor Pro machine

Always use recommended Rug Doctor Pro cleaning solutions. Do not use dye or bleach in this machine as this will permanently damage your carpets. Store the machine indoors out of dusty, wet and freezing areas. This prolongs the life of your Rug Doctor Pro machine and helps keep it trouble free.

Do not expose Rug Doctor Pro machines to freezing temperatures for a prolonged period of time. In freezing temperatures, liquid in the machine system can expand and damage the pump and solution hoses. Take care when transporting your Rug Doctor Pro machine to avoid damaging the tanks or outer fixings and casing.

Rug Doctor Pro machines are designed for rugged use. However, avoid mishandling such as dropping the unit or transporting it unsecured in a van. Please note that jarring from sudden vehicle starts or stops can also damage the machine.

To keep your machine working properly:

Troubleshooting guide

If you are having any problems using your Rug Doctor Pro please refer to our Troubleshooting guide by clicking here. If you are still experiencing problems please call our Consumer Support Specialists (Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm) 01903 235558.
Click here for more information.
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Maintaining your machine
Follow our complete guidelines on how to look after your machine, and you can make it last.

Buying a Rug Doctor Mighty Pro
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