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Treating difficult spots and stains

Rug Doctor Pro machines are designed to deep clean and extract in one cleaning pass. Your best choice for cleaning difficult spots, stains or traffic areas is to use Rug Doctor Pro’s professional cleaning products.

Our range of cleaning solutions include:

Liquid recovery 

You should recover 70 - 80% of the liquid used - depending on your carpet type. With Berber carpet, you may recover a little less liquid.

Avoid excess foam

Avoid excess foam in the recovery tank which can damage the machine and the vacuum system. If foaming occurs, add Rug Doctor Pro Anti-Foam to recovery tank.

Moving furniture

If you replace furniture before the carpet is completely dry, place aluminium foil under furniture legs to prevent stains. Leave aluminium foil under furniture legs until carpet is completely dry.

Fast drying

For faster drying, ventilate the area;

(This is highly recommended when cleaning Berber carpets)
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Buying a Rug Doctor Mighty Pro
Many commercial-grade carpet cleaning machines cost thousands, with Rug Doctor

Maintaining your machine
Follow our complete guidelines on how to look after your machine, and you can make it last.

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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is the only “wet extractor” machine designed for the consumer market