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Floor playtime helps child development

One of the five recommended daily tasks that parents should follow with their small children includes 10 minutes playtime on the floor - which, in most UK homes, means on a fitted carpet.

Playing with a child on the floor is thought to help promote child development. Keeping carpets fresh and clean for any playtime is therefore very important.

The research by the think tank, Centre Forum suggests that babies and toddlers usually reach out for communication through baby talk and gestures, recommending that parents should play with their child on the floor in order to be on the same physical level when interacting.

Other recommendations include using a variety of words for vocabulary building, to talk with the TV turned off, to adopt a positive attitude and to make sure a child is feed a good nutritious diet.

The schemes five daily pledges are:

  1. Read to your child for at least 15 minutes a day.
  2. Play with your child on the floor for ten minutes a day.
  3. Talk to your child for 20 minutes with the TV off.
  4. Adopt positive attitudes towards your child and praise them frequently.
  5. Ensure your child has a nutritious daily diet to aid their development

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